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ACT Discussion Summary: What goes into preparing a tech transparency report?

Tech transparency reporting is a crucial component of wider transparency systems, and is only growing more important and more prominent as public interest grows. With the European Digital Services Act approaching various stages of implementation, the volume of transparency reports produced every year is set to increase dramatically. However, there is often a lack of understanding on the part of those outside tech companies – and perhaps even some within them – of what truly goes into creating a transparency report.

Last month the ACT held an event to facilitate information sharing and discussion about the challenges, benefits, and opportunities associated with transparency reporting.

Attendees heard from the following panellists:

  • Anna-Sophie Harling (Ofcom)

  • Nima Mozhgani, Senior Program Manager (Snap Inc) and Member (Integrity Institute), Vice-Chair, Subcommittee on transparency & Accountability (Technology Coalition)

  • Doug Taylor (Meta)

  • Aiden Kim, Head of Trust and Safety (NAVER Z, ZEPETO)

  • Stephanie Caro, Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Global Policy & Standards (Google)

The ACT has prepared an anonymised summary of the resultant discussion that sets out:

  1. The context for this discussion, which drew in part on a discussion paper by the Action Coalition aimed at the systematic categorisation of barriers to meaningful transparency.

  2. A summary of key themes that emerged during the discussion.

  3. A set of conclusions from Brainbox as the discussion’s facilitators, including an analysis of the kinds of categories of barriers that emerged during the discussion, with reference to the ACT’s discussion paper.

You can access the summary by clicking the image above or the button below.


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