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Transparency Initiatives Portal now publicly available – official launch to follow

Coinciding with the Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit, the Transparency Initiatives Portal from the Action Coalition on Meaningful Transparency is now publicly accessible.

The portal collates tech transparency initiatives, significant actors, regulations from governments, upcoming events, and outputs from civil society, companies, and governments in a regularly updated and searchable database. It also tracks relationships and connections between entries to build a picture of the global tech transparency landscape.

Meaningful transparency is a critical step in making the internet a safe and open place for all communities. In a terrorist and violent extremism context, protecting human rights requires transparency from both governments and technology providers.

Terrorism and violent extremism and the content it produces continues to affect people worldwide. We hope the Transparency Initiatives Portal can play a role in supporting a broader multi-stakeholder approach to addressing these harms.

More regulations requiring different forms of transparency are being rolled out globally for technology companies. Without the portal, finding and contextualising this information can be time-consuming, and understanding how different initiatives and organisations interact in this increasingly complex environment is challenging.

The portal is a piece of community infrastructure, and it accepts and welcomes submissions from anyone via a simple online form. It is currently fully operational, but will continue to grow and develop as more entries are made by users.

It is a joint project from the Global Network Initiative and the Brainbox Institute, and has received funding support from several partners, including the Christchurch Call.

The ACT will be hosting a number of launch events and briefings on the portal project in the coming weeks. You can find out more by following us on social media, or joining the Action Coalition using the sign-up form.


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