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Launch event for official release of Transparency Initiatives Portal

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Transparency Initiatives Portal, an online platform designed to centralise and streamline tech transparency information in a user-friendly database. 

The portal will be officially launched in an online panel discussion co-hosted with the Integrity Institute on 7 March, featuring insights from Mozilla’s Brandon Silverman, Centre for Communication Governance (CCG)’s Shashank Mohan, and Omidyar Network’s ​Wafa Ben-Hassine. Registration for the event is open here.

The portal consolidates information on tech transparency initiatives, transparency disclosures, key stakeholders, government regulations, upcoming events, and contributions from civil society, companies, and governments. The searchable database also maps relationships and connections between entries, providing a broad overview of the global tech transparency landscape.

Transparency by tech companies is a crucial part of protecting human rights, but meaningful transparency requires meaningful access. That’s why the portal is designed to help researchers, policymakers, journalists and other key tech policy stakeholders easily find and contextualise tech transparency information. 

The more people that use the portal, the greater its impact will be as a piece of community infrastructure – so we invite you to spread the word through your networks. The portal accepts and welcomes submissions from anyone via a simple online form

We encourage you to use the portal and share your experiences. Your valuable insights will help us refine and improve it, ensuring that it continues to meet the evolving needs of the global tech policy community.

The portal is a joint project from the Global Network Initiative and the Brainbox Institute, and has received funding support from several partners, including the Christchurch Call, Omidyar Network, Meta and Google. 

For more context on why the portal was developed and what we think the future of tech transparency will look like, check out our recent piece on Tech Policy Press.



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