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[Extension] ACT seeks input on implementing DSA risk assessments


UPDATE: given the volume of interest from members and others, we have extended the submission deadline to Friday, 12 May 2023


The ACT has initiated a process to collate key insights on implementation of risk assessments by online platforms and search engines. The purpose of this process is to rapidly gather structured input from members and others that covers:

  • key resources produced by respondents,

  • key resources respondents are following or relying on,

  • key experts or institutions when it comes to risk assessments, and

  • key issues, considerations, barriers, or open questions on implementing risk assessment.

Brainbox will be using this information to prepare a briefing note on methods for implementing risk assessment frameworks under the DSA, similar to the Audit Briefing Note released recently.

Interested parties can provider their input via the web form here (and below). ACT members will have received this information via our monthly update email, but input is also welcome from non-ACT members.


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