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ACT members lead transparency sessions at RightsCon and 360/Open Summit

Brainbox staff travelled to Brussels to support ACT participation in the Atlantic Council's 360/Open Summit, hosted by DFR Lab (a Steering Group member). Representatives from GNI and InternetLab also attended in-person. ACT-affiliated learning sessions occurred on consecutive days. The second of these, which hosted numerous members of DFRLab’s Digital Sherlocks community, had a twin event occurring simultaneously virtually as part of RightsCon.

The broad focus of both events was to continue testing and developing an understanding of key transparency issues and barriers, as well recording any key global stakeholders and initiatives that the ACT may be unaware of. Valuable discussions also took place on the margins of these two events with many major stakeholders, including advisory group candidates and other action coalition members.

ACT members are progressing written outputs outlining the subjects of these discussions.


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