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ACT explores modular approaches to platform regulation

The Action Coalition has been exploring what Susan Ness and Chris Riley have called a "modular approach" to platform regulation. This approach carries significant interest because of the way that multiple platform regulation frameworks set broad frameworks that will require extensive work to ensure successful implementation.

Susan and Chris joined a session with ACT members to share their insights on what a modular approach to platform regulation might mean for implementing transparency regulation and ACT members noted a modular approach could play a valuable role in producing consistency among comparable jurisdictions.

Susan Ness also spoke to the concept of modularity for platform regulation in a joint Roundtable between the ACT and the Action Coalition on Responsible Technology. A summary of that discussion will be shared shortly, but we have included Susan and Chris' slides below as a guide to the modularity concept.

Platform transparency approaches – whether national, multinational, self-regulatory, or co-regulatory – make frequent use of delegated frameworks. A modular approach could have significant benefits for enhancing transnational consistency, and the ACT will be looking at ways to that modular approaches could enhance regulatory capacity, promote respect for human rights, and incorporate the needs of different communities. Discussion notes are available to ACT members. You can sign up for the ACT by clicking the link below.


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