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ACT circulates summary of GNI Learning Call, September 2022

On 28 September 2022 in Washington DC, the Global Network Initiative (GNI) held a learning session for its members on emerging legal frameworks for transparency reporting by digital communications companies. Attendees included representatives of Internet and telecommunications companies, members of leading civil society organisations, and respected academics from a range of institutions among GNI’s Membership.

GNI is a steering group member for the Action Coalition on Meaningful Transparency and the session was hosted by the ACT project lead, Brainbox. The session was conducted under GNI confidentiality arrangements, but will be used by Brainbox and GNI to inform their work with the broader action coalition.

During the session, Brainbox gave an overview of the ACT initiative as well as pointing out key opportunities for the ACT, and reasons why GNI members may find its work useful and interesting. Participants then heard from a panel of experts before splitting into a set of smaller breakout sessions in which they discussed themes from the panel discussion.

These experts were:

Brainbox has prepared an anonymised summary of the discussion, including key themes and observations. Given the confidential nature of the discussion, the summary document is being restricted to Action Coalition members. The summary has been circulated today. People wishing to see the summary can become members of the Action Coalition by signing up here, with terms of reference and privacy policies available in the sign-up form.


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